The idea for an inspirational clothing brand came to Sabrina Machado, the founder and CEO of Bible LA, in the year 2006 in Los Angeles, CA, when studying marketing and realizing the power behind colors, symbols, numbers and text, when used intentionally. Seeing that people’s most direct way of expression, our own wardrobe, didn’t have many options for uplifting messages just yet, it became a constant idea in her mind.

After scribbling down some ideas, the project didn’t resurface until 2013 when she started reading the Bible, and realized that all the “wisdom” that was to inspire the clothing line she thought of years ago, was all endlessly available in this book.

Bible LA is designed to be a “street wise” lifestyle brand for adults & children, that can be worn anywhere you want to make a statement, and infuse your environment with messages of wisdom and truth, in very subliminal, symbolic art that is up with high-fashion current trends and breaking-through in the sense of conveying deeper meaning to your wardrobe and what you express with it.

Loving God, humility, honesty, and frankly, the Holy Bible, are all messages that are not promoted as much as they should be in the mainstream society, as something relevant, amazing and important, and it is the goal of Bible LA to trail blaze this movement with radical and outstanding marketing approaches.

Ultimately, our goal is to spread the message of truth, the love of God, and uplift humanity. And make it cool again.